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Foot Reflexology

60 mn - 15USD

Re-balance and establish your energy flow through acupressure points to improve circulation, ease pain and relax your body.

Anti Stress Release

60mn -20USD

The healing therapy massage works to stimulate blood circulation and improve energy flow. The therapist focuses on the head, face, back, neck and shoulders to loosen muscles and ease tensions. The therapeutic touch helps improve the central nervous system and release stress.

Khmer Traditional Massage

60mn-22USD/ 90mn-32USD/120mn-42USD

The one kind of massage that is performed without oil and makes use of passvie stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines, to relax the body and ease muscular tension


60mn-24USD/ 90mn-34USD

A whole body relax massage that is performed with 100% essential oil. The therapist will deliver the energy  flow  through body. The treatment improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation, tension , ingorates and also relaxes and soul.

Khmer Herbal Compress

60mn-26USD/ 90mn-36USD/120mn-46USD

The khmer herbal compress is made from many kind of khmer herbs, this massage combines the healing effects of an aromatherapy massage and natural oil with application of heated herbal compress. The treatment purifes, relaxes, warms and relieves aches and pains and improves the blood circulation condition whilst stimulating the senese .


60mn-26USD/ 90mn-36USD

The most popular massage in Europe and Asia is the Swedish massage. Our therapist will combine a variety of techniqes to help loosen up tenes muscle, ease join stiffiness and counter stress.


60mn-28USD/ 90mn-38USD

The trditional Belinese massge is designed to enhance immunity by stimulsting lymphatic flow, increase muscle flexiblity , lessen depression and anxiety and relieve migraine pain . it is believed to relieve sleep disorder, muscle pains and sport injures .

Four Hands

60mn-35USD/ 90mn-45USD

The ultimate body discover our sinature technique,with four hands massage you will be massage by two therapists at the same time. the treatment provide you with a unique experience from head to toe .

Cambodia Mango Scrub

60mn- 22USD

Pep up circulation and buff skin with mango fruit, known to refine skin and regenerate skin cells, This treatment consists of a light exfoliating body scrub followed by a mango and sugar scrub,then a relaxing scalp-head massage and is finished with a hydrating body lotion.

Battambang Rice Scrub

60mn -22USD

Battambang province is the biggest producer of rice in Cambodia, Boost circulation with black sticky rice, honey and yoghurt which works naturally to exfoliate the skin to a smooth and soft finish.

Aromatic Salt Scrub

60mn- 22USD

This body polish treatment uses a combination of frshly ground sea salt mixed with homemade khmer herbal, aromatic essential oil to rejuvenate and renew your skin cells, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.

Avocado Body Scrub

60mn- 24USD

 Fresh and natural recipe . Try this skin -smoth exfoliate treatment containing fresh avocado from Rathanakiri to remedy dry, dehydrated and rough skin. Avocado scrub, soothing body cream and relaxing head massage

Aloe Vera Body Wrap

60mn- 24USD

The healing properties of aloe vera are the best known to soothe sun-damaged skin. This relaxing body  wrap is rich in antioxidants, from both cucumber and aloe vera and is ideal for a longer lasting tan.

Cambodia Mango Body Wrap

60mn- 24USD

 A totally unique experience for those who wish to detoxify, balance excess body fluid and enjoy the sensory benefits of seasonal mango fruit and local honey gathered from the wild.

Avocado Body Wrap


 The natural ingrdients of this treatment are a rich sourch of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants which provide UV protection. this treatment is exceptionally gentle and cleansing leaving the skin perfectly smooth , soft moisturized and supple. In addition the tropical scent, the treatment provides a relaxing and calming effect.

Radiance & Protection Facial

60MN – 24USD

Suspending time, a relaxing and cleaning facial treatment to rejuvenate your skin as well as counteracting skin irritation from shaving (Men), sports and other activities under the sun.

Vitamin Rich Facial

60MN – 24USD

Mangoes are not only delicious to eat but also scrumptious for the skin. Mangoes are known to contain regenerative anti-oxidants which assist in restoring suppleness and moisture back to skin cells. In addition Mango prevents pores from becoming clogged and assists to repair sun-damage. Included in the therapy is a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Skin moisture Facial


 Indulge yourself with a homade recipe, natural plan yoghurt with black sticky rice gently exfoliates your skin , removing dead skin cell, protecting cell glow . Avocado mask is associated with longevity and preserving youthfulness. it works as a natural moisturizer and encourages the growth of the new skin. included in th therapy is a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage .